Social media experts

sm img.jpgWe help you be seen on the relevant digital outlets.

Social media strategies, Social media policies, Digital campaigns, Digital schedule, Digital media analytics


Design enthusiasts

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We design Websites and Collateral

Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, Email templates, Newsletters, PowerPoint, Case Studies, Brochures, Company Magazine, Infographics.

Impeccable event executioners

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Trade Shows – Companies spend a lot on showcasing themselves in a trade show via booth space. We work with you to attract audience to your booth, develop the right collateral and giveaways and coordinate with the trade show and booth vendors to get the work done on time. All the more, we plan email and social campaigns for effective promotion of the booth presence.

Symposiums/Conferences – Interested in conducting or co-branding a symposium/conference. We do it all for you. Stepping the first stone from event plan, to getting speaking, finalizing banquets to managing email and social campaigns to getting attendees – we are your partners.

Webinars – One of the best ways for creating thought leadership is a webinar. We plan and conduct webinars for you.

Masters of creative, purposeful & actionable CONTENT

Content Strategy – SEO strategy, Identify relevant channels, Develop editorial calendar, collateral schedule, marcom calendar, identify resources

Content Development – Blog article, White Paper, Brochures, Presentations

Our content development is never outsourced. Characteristic of our content is: In-house / Original / Strategic / Purposeful / Helpful / Planned / Actionable / Measureable

Content Integration – We just don’t develop the content and leave it. We go a mile extra and tell you how to use your content into the buyer journey to achieve maximum ROI.

Here, we use the develop content to develop – Newsletters, Infographics, Emailers,

Content Promotion: Content developed if not promoted well, loses its essence with time. We work with you to frame a content promotion plan to use the content in digital outlets (Social Media Outlets)

Content ROI – Evaluate traffic analytics – blog success, site visits, page visits, keyword progress, engagement; Review ROI – leads generated, customer conversions, sales; Report on findings – review results and evaluate success

Our model: Connecting the dots – INTEGRATED MARKETING

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SyncUnderstanding requirements and gaps

We are your partners and love to indulge ourselves understanding your revenue dynamics. We invest our time at the outset to understand your offerings and capabilities, target markets, verticals in which you operate, prospects and customer behavior, business vision, sales targets, and sales cycle.

PlanTemplate and plan document development

An effectively organized planned document can be easily implemented and evaluated, is what we believe in. Post our understanding and where the business is heading, we create marketing strategy plan and drill down to create unit plans such as for events/digital media/content.

ApproveApproving the plans from the customer

Once the plan is run through the client, the plan is approved by the stakeholders post any revisions. Subsequently, the Marketing communications activity schedule and calendar is shared.


The entire team focuses on implementing the plan. All the team coordinates in a cohesive manner to achieve the planned outcome.

MeasureMetrics and reporting

We believe that anything that can be measured, can be improved. With this notion, we measure and track all our activities and analyse the monthly, quarterly and yearly progress.

Are you?

  • Are you frustrated that your website is not getting enough quality traffic and doesn’t tell their complete story?
  • Are you seeking to position yourselves as thought leaders in the industry?
  • Do you require a savvy marketing strategy to attract qualified prospects and lead them through the sales funnel?
  • Want better rankings in search engines for a competitive advantage.
  • Don’t have time to keep up with their content, or are disappointed in their current content quality.
  • Need an easy complete system to manage your website, blog, social media, leads and analytics.
  • Want an authentic, collaborative partner you can work with and trust.
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